Process control in multiple dimensions

Announcing a groundbreaking development in Next Generation Metrology Solutions. Utilizing our innovative OMNI analysis software, Allagi, Inc. empowers your research, development, and manufacturing teams to inspect, detect, analyze, and correct in-situ and in multiple dimensions: X, Y, Z, time, and material composition. Allagi’s OMNI Software can transform your metrology and inspection process for current or future systems, and is available for OEM customers now.

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​Allagi's suite of inspection and metrology sensor solutions uses a highly innovative optical technique to precisely monitor a component's shape, composition, and integration throughout your manufacturing process, increasing yields at significant cost savings. Using Allagi's proprietary Heterodyning Optical Phase Spectrometer (HOPS TM)
technology, manufacturing process control and quality control engineers can monitor critical process parameters at nanometer scale such as form, roughness, height, stoichiometry and defects. Combined with Allagi's patented technology protocols, new material and chemical manufacturing processes can be advanced by measuring and controlling local properties, aiding unique integration schemes and the building of innovative devices. Allagi’s products enable near real-time feedback during process development and manufacturing, greatly enhancing the breadth and depth of information.
our vision

Allagi is intelligently advancing metrology and inspection solutions for process control across numerous applications, including semiconductor 2D & 3D packaging, OLED and other display development, and advanced automotive, industrial, and aerospace manufacturing. Our solutions provide near real-time feedback, producing more reliable and consistent results while saving time and money. We help you see inside your process.

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The future of manufacturing requires inspection in dimensions beyond the capability of the human eye and process decisions to be made at speeds unobtainable to the human operator. Allagi's OMNI technology functions like an "intelligent eye" that not only recognizes patterns in multiple dimensions but can provide automated feedback real-time. By using HOPSTM technology combined with state-of-the-art Allagi protocols, OMNI improves your process stability and optimization by providing near real-time inspection and data results, including time and composition. OMNI enables in-situ and standalone manufacturing process adjustments, ensuring high quality and increasing product yield. Can you afford not to explore the possibilities with Allagi?

who we are

With decades of industry experience, extensive expertise in advanced inspection and metrology solutions, and a dedicated business management team, Allagi will deliver unparalleled benefits to your process. We are focused on delivering excellence in our technology solutions, exceptional quality and capability with each product feature, and providing dedicated customer support.

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Meet the Allagi team:


Michael Darwin
Founder & President


Crosby Peck
VP Sales and Business Development


Boris Kamenev
Research Scientist