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Allagi Inc. Exits Stealth Mode with Innovative High-Speed Metrology Solutions

April 24, 2020  |   Portland, OR

AllagiTM Inc., an innovator in sensor and software technologies, today emerged from stealth mode announcing the release of several new broad use metrology and inspection products. Operating in stealth mode since 2017, Allagi has been able to attract investments from semiconductor veterans and industry leading companies as its patented technology demonstrates differentiated capability for semiconductor and industrial applications.

In conjunction, Allagi also announced the general availability of its patented Heterodyning Optical Phase Spectrometer (HOPS TM) technology. The HOPS TM technology enables simultaneous 2D and 3D imaging over large area surfaces with industry-leading resolution at unprecedented speed. Capable of nanometer vertical resolution in real-time, Allagi’s proprietary technology provides insight for in line quality control and time savings. When combined with Allagi’s advanced software and machine learning tools, HOPS TM optimizes technology development and manufacturing through better process targeting, process control and yield enhancement for lower production costs and increased profitability.

“With today’s exit from stealth mode, we are happy to announce the general availability of our HOPSTM technology integrated into a series of general purpose optical profilers.” said Dr. Michael J. Darwin, Allagi Inc. President and founder. “Specifically the OpticusTM and Opticus.mTM give our customers leading edge performance in a reasonable cost envelope. I’m excited to extend these product offerings to more customers and look forward to providing reliable, leading edge solutions across our served markets.”

Interested parties can contact Allagi to learn how their proprietary technologies can optimize process control and yield enhancement.

About Allagi

Allagi has leveraged decades of metrology and inspection experience to become a premier provider of cost competitive, differentiated yield enhancement solutions in the dimensional metrology and defect inspection markets. Allagi engineers are intelligently advancing metrology and inspection solutions for process control across numerous industries, including semiconductor, advanced packaging, display, automotive, and industrial manufacturing. Allagi solutions provide near real-time feedback, producing more reliable results while saving time and money. We help you see inside your process.

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